FRIENDS ONLY!! [update 27.05.14]
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Welcome to my Livejournal feat. the awesome Ohmiya of Arashi!
My journal consist of my blah bluring and "daily" episodes of my life. Most importantly it's where i spam my flailings about ARASHI! This Journal is FRIEND LOCKED, so comment to be added! Comment here at THIS post with a little intro about yourself, so i can know a little about you (^^)

Hahahaha! Okay I don’t really update much cause I’m lazy~ (>~<) That’s why there’s the open inverted commas for ‘daily’. Haha. I have a Tumblr account! Heh you can ask from me if you’re interested^^ I think I reblog more than I blog which is not a good thing to say here! (>A<) My apologies if you follow me here with the expectation of new posts daily! Haha! So basically, I’m an ARASHI fan. It’s been quite a while now. I do listen to other music (language) like English, Chinese, Korean etc...I listen to kpop under influence cause one of my sibling listen to Kpop and is a fan =\ But I’m not a big fan or anything. I prefer Jpop music but I listen to lots of other English songs like by Hey Monday, Taylor Swift, Simple Plan etc…^^ I absolutely adore Rilakkuma! If you don’t know who/what that is, Wiki it (link on my profile!). Google it. Trust me, it’s really adorable and cuddly! (>w<) ❤❤ These 2 are my major flailings in life, other than random stuffs ^^ soooo…hopefully by reading my journal can let you know more about me, my life and propably get to know each other too (^^) I’ll try to post much okay? Haha (^^)

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---> Update 27.05.14: This journal is is dead. I still continue to used this account for fandom purposes.


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